Using a Broadband Speed Tester to Help Understand Your Home Connection

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The world of broadband moves very quickly, and what may have been a fast connection speed a few years ago is likely now to be remarkably slow in comparison to some of the speeds people are able to achieve in their homes. If you feel that you have a fairly slow broadband, then there are things that you can do from home to find out just how your current connection is performing.

The first things to do is to use a broadband speed testerto ascertain just what speeds your connection is allowing you. There are many sites online that will help you to do this, and it really is only a two minute test to find out how your connection is doing. All you have to do is to Google the term speed tester to get some decent results. Once you have done this you obviously need to make sense of your results, but as a bench mark, you should be hoping for at least 6Mbps in order to get near or around the average speed in the UK right now.

As well as this though, you also have to consider the fact that fibre optic broadband is being rolled out across the country as we speak, and if your particular area is eligible for fibre optic connections, then you really should consider this. You will be able to get a connection speed around five times this speed, which will change your broadband connection from something that is OK to something that is great! BY 2015 the UK Government hope to have fibre optic connections available for most homes throughout the UK, but at the moment the figure is way off this, so don’t expect it.

To find out whether or not you are eligible for this or any other advancement in broadband speeds, you really have to keep an eye on broadband news sites on the internet. These places will give you access to up to the minute information on the state of broadband in the UK, and what the best deals are that you can get. At the moment virgin is testing a 100Mbps broadband package that will be available in small areas of the country, and it is vital pieces of information like this that you will come across online if you have your eyes open.

Keeping up to date with the world of broadband isn’t always easy, with things changing so quickly, but if a quick broadband connection is important to you then it might be worthwhile making a concerted effort to do so. The internet is a wonderful place to be if you are after new information, and all you really have to do is to bookmark a few sites to make sure that you get all the relevant information that you need.

Check the performance of your current line, and find out what the top possible speeds in your area are by reading the broadband news sites, and you can make sure that you have the best broadband connection possible. is a superb site for anyone who is looking for a broadband speed test. It also gives you all the latest broadband newsso that you can remain up to date on the subject at all times.


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