How to Pick The Perfect Camping Site

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How to Pick the Perfect Camping Site

Most people prefer camping near a lake to be able to go fishing. Some prefer along the woods to do bonfires and barbeque before putting the lights off. Whatever your preference would be, picking the perfect camping site would take you a long way to having a great camping experience since im living in the Neigborhood near Ben Hinsdale

There are two types of camping sites you ought to consider when camping. You can choose to find the perfect indoor camping site or the outdoor camping site. For camping indoors, you can simply book a cabin on top of a mountain or within the woods or by a lake. These cabins include electricity and running water which is more convenient on your part. You wouldn’t have to worry about bringing tents and sleeping bags since cabins are already equipped with rooms which have beds. Of course, the disadvantage of this is you don’t actually feel the real essence of camping since everything is easily provided. As for outdoor camping, you have to make sure you pack the necessary stuff you would be bringing along since camping outdoors would mean no electricity and no running water.

Camping outdoors is usually preferred by most people since it makes them feel closer to nature. Here are some things that you would want to consider in knowing how to pick the perfect camping site:

Lakeor River- As much as getting close to nature, most people prefer fishing for food. It would be a great idea to camp near a lake or river if you are planning to fish on your camping trip.

Clearings- Find a place with a cleared area for you to pitch your tent. It would be more convenient and less time consuming if you are to camp in an already cleared place rather than clearing the area yourself.

Food Sources- If you are really up to hunting and fruit eating experience, then you should find a camping site with great food sources but of course you should also bring your own food if in case berries and game are not in season.

Elevation- It is important to consider which area you are situated. If in any case it rains, being on top of a mountain is better that catching all the mud when you camp at the foot of a hill. Being on an elevated spot will let you stay dry than being on downhill.

Community- When you go camping, you can either choose a community which is surrounded by a lot of people or a camping location with fewer campers. There are advantages and disadvantages though. Being in a camping site within a community can be sometimes annoying since people will walk to and fro around your camping spot but of course, in case of emergencies, you can easily ask for help to people around.

Animals- Choose a safe camping site with no dangerous animals roaming around. After all, you would not want to get attacked by a wild animal in the middle of your sleep.

Choosing the perfect camping site is not so hard. All you have to do is to determine what are your preferences and you’re all set to camp!


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