Are You Living With Devils in Your Sleep?

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Do you become a devil in your sleep? Have you ever heard others say that you woke up beating up your bed partner? Or have you ever experienced as if you were beaten by your bed partner while they were actually asleep? Actually this condition is a bit serious and could be more common than you think. Medical world terms this behavior as violent sleep disorder.

What is violent sleep?

Researchers state that violent sleep may be related to REM behavior disorder, a neurological parasomnia that affects about .5 percent of the population. This number may not be absolutely accurate due to misdiagnosis or lack of reporting on the part of the patient. (

Scientists believe that this condition of violence is provoked by something. It might occur as the result of a terrible dream, or an image of something that is frightening that causes the person to react in a violent way. Some studies have shown that violent sleep may be directly associated with the provoking of another individual, meaning the violent behavior is directed at another person.  Some researchers have linked this disorder with a form of dementia.

This behavior may be found from simple limb twitches to more complex integrated movement, in which sufferers appear to be unconsciously acting out their dreams. These behaviors can be violent in nature and in some cases will result in injury inflicted on others.

How do the victims of this disorder act?

Violent sleeping can be recognized by a sleeping person hitting another person in his sleep, or even by sleep walking in order to inflict pain upon another person. It can also include inflicting pain upon oneself.

Actually, people who experience violent sleeping disorder never know that it is happening, and do not even remember when they wake up.

 This can be a cause of stress for the sufferers, because they are not in control of what they are doing whenever they are sleeping. Moreover, to find out that they have violent behavior during their sleep can be a very frightening thing for them to deal with.

How to tackle this disorder?

1) First of all, if you think that you have symptoms of this problem, believe that medical world can heal you. See your doctor and explain him about your condition and he can give you more details about this disorder and everything that is involved with it. He can guide you to find out more information about its causes, and more about what it means in your specific situation. If you have a friend, or spouse with this disorder, you should also encourage them to visit their doctor and confide him this with matter.

2) Melatonin treatment has been shown to alleviate this violent sleep disorder. It can be produced naturally in your body, and is produced in higher amounts during the night. It is melatonin that produces good sleep. Therefore, of you have more melatonin production you can have a better sleep. In this way melatonin can help you to avoid the violent sleep disorder.

3) Thanks to various medications which are available today to solve this disorder. Low dosage of clonazepam is found to be most effective with a 90% success rate. Though how this drug works to restore REM atonia is unclear, it is thought to suppress muscle activity, rather than directly restoring atonia.

4) In addition to medication it is also wise to secure the environment of the sleeping person, in preparation for his episodes. Dangerous objects should be removed from the bedroom. Moving the bed to the floor may be safer.


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