Methods Remove Freckles

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For many, the freckles are making them look sexy. But if not satisfied, you can easily treated with the following methods:

The Culantro Juice:

The juice of the culantro mixing with a volume equivalent to the red grape juice, orange juice and lemon juice is a natural method that help to fade freckles, if used long time it can make disappear. After 2 weeks you can see clear results.

Lemon juice and orange:

Lemon juice, orange can quickly fade freckles. We can mix the way: Mix a small amount of this fruit juice with a small amount of yogurt. Then apply the mask onto the skin with freckles, let it dry completely then rinse clean with cold water. Make a habit of regular mask will help those freckles gradually light up each day.

White radish

In white radish contain ingredients capable of removing freckles.
Use the juice of white radish and a lemon, mix well and apply on face. After the mixture dry, then wash your face. This mask not only works to blur the freckles, but also capable of eliminating the black spots

Boric acid

Take 1 teaspoon of boric acid mixed with 1 cup hot water. Then add 1 lemon juice, 1 tablespoon rose water and ½ teaspoon of glycerin. Mix all the mixture until thick and smooth. Use a piece of cotton, absorbent mixture and apply on freckles. Wait for the mask dry, then rinse clean with cold water. You can use this mixture to apply further up the neck and shoulders, it also works to make it bright white areas of skin.

Tomato Juice

Each day drink a glass of tomato juice or eat tomatoes regularly, effective prevention and treatment of freckles pretty good. Because tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin C, can inhibit the activity putiric acid in the skin, work effectively in reducing the formation of black pigment, which makes smooth white skin, freckles reduced.

Limit sun exposure

Exposed to sunlight can be especially harmful to the skin and cause skin cancer so dangerous and score points appear, freckles on my face. Therefore the limit in hot weather to go out and apply the sunscreen carefully what more you need to remember, especially when the surface has been the first indication.

Did you know there are many stars very sexy with freckles face? and they are confident when appearing in such appearance. Even those who have tried to add the makeup freckles on the face for more highlights and beautiful. Therefore you should not worry and be confident with yourself.


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