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It may be hard to make sense of what will in fact assist you to improve your golf swing with all of the free guidelines on golf available on internet. You will find one article guiding you to do one thing and one article guiding to do the reverse. However these variances are not restricted to internet alone, these conflicts you will find in professionals as well. Since I experienced it that’s why I can say it more confidently. I have been a player of golf for several years I would like to share some tutorials on golf swing which I have been given. The guidelines that are stated in following are prior to the arrival of internet.

I was having difficulty in driving a few years back. Around half of each drive I went around 100 yards away but turned sharply left. Nobody ever told me what actually the problem was with the swing however to offset it I was provided a new grip. I assumed that the person instructing me had come up that the face of the club was being closed by me thus to offset it he told me to bend my right hand on the right side prior to gripping the club. By this practice when I got a hold of the club to swing it my arm was so bent to the right that was not possible for me to close the club’s face. With this practice the problem with closed face was certainly solved however this was a terrible suggestion. The problem was that I was not told about the actual problem with my grip that made him to give me such awful advice. Therefore I realized that you need to ask professionals to explain you your exact problem.

After this experience you can think of my game that was never ever got better. Therefore I consulted one more expert. He did exactly reverse however not very extreme and he told me to twist my hand to the right. I will surely accept that my game was improved very quickly with this grip however I subsequent to it generated a tendency to cut the shots. After experiencing both the experts I realized that they cost me a huge amount of money in charges but the second one was better.

Luckily the internet was introduced and eventually I never practiced these two grips. I started using my original grip back. I got good advices from internet that cost nothing to me. I developed my own address to the ball and I was more comfortable and confident with it.

I have come across that the instructions and advices that are present online have become invaluable and I would suggest all new golf players or people having any problem in playing golf to look for advices online rather than seeking advices from professionals as they will cost you more and will make you to practice awful things. You have a wide range of advices on several problems that one person may face. In case you have difficulty in practicing one advice you can compare it to other and practice it to see if your game gets better. In this way if the advice doesn’t work you will be saved from those high consulting fees that you would have to pay to a professional.


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