How I Benefited From Micro-Teaching Technique

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They say if you are not a part of solution than you are a part of problem; however the significance lies in the solution of the problem, no matter what procedure one adopts to acquire the solution .In every day life, we are confronted with many problems. Some of them continue to persist if left unsolved. Basically, I am a school teacher, teaching Mathematics at Primary level. I spent about four to five hours with the children, confronting with their problems with behavior and studies. In my experience, I learnt that most of the students find Mathematics as a difficult subject. Many parents also complaint about their wards unable to comprehend some exercises in Mathematics. As a teacher, I am responsible to provide these students the easy way to understand these difficult exercises. To overcome, any problem, one must analyze the nature of the problem and decide further action plan to deal with it. Analyzing the nature of the problem is to reach the core of it so that the root cause may be prevented in the future. When the new session starts in August, we are provided with new students, having different intelligence level. Among them, some are sharp and some are dull. What we teachers are expected, is to provide all our students with quality education, irrespective of their Intelligence level. Effective teaching to any student is a difficult task, however we endeavor to perform it by keeping the following factors under observation and up to the mark.

 Class room Management As a teacher, I make sure that the classroom environment is safe, pleasant and cozy for the learners. There should be proper sufficient light and ventilation in the classroom, so that the students can adjust as quickly as possible. Such relaxation is a bonus for them. Sound classroom management helps a teacher in providing effective teaching and makes learning an effective one. As students can relax, they can feel orderly while they study and there is no confused noises around.

 Effective Teaching When students are managed, the real task begins for the teacher which is to provide effective teaching to each individual. To deal with this problem, I introduced Micro-teaching technique in my class. It is a shrunk version of real teaching where size of the class is cut down . Working with micro-teaching technique, I divided the class in to few small groups on temporary basis. Each group consists of four to five students. I teach and explain any exercise to a group .Then these students teach it to their group fellows. Similarly, when the new lesson starts, the group division in interchanged and the whole procedure is repeated. In this way, all students are allowed to participate, mingle and interact socially. In such technique, the teacher tends to know the skills of each of her student. The stronger and the weaker sides of each individual are revealed to her, which in turn aids the teacher to plan the lesson according to the requirement of the Intelligence level of students..Each student comes in direct control with the teacher. This is one way to get a quick response by the Individuals. The whole technique is rewarding only when it is associated with sound classroom management. Any disturbance in class will distract the students’ attention. The introduction of Micro –Teaching technique revealed fewer complaints from the students as well as their parents. I also avail the benefits from its implementation as the result of Mathematics in my class, improved a lot.


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