Backlinks in Your Content Damages Your Seo Ranking?

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Too Many Back Link in Your Content Would Hurt Your SEO Ranking

Last night I have received a email from one of the new joined content submission website telling me that I have too many back link on one of my content and they explained to me that it will hurt my content’s SEO ranking if I do not remove them to maximum three links.  I was shocked at the first place because that is what most people on the website suggests everybody to put more related back links on the content so we could get more views.  After that, I research on the web again to find out what is going on about that.

It Will Truely Hurt Your Content’s Ranking for Too Many Back Link on One Page

After a few researching on several forums, I found out that putting too many back link on one content page will really hurt my submission because most search engine does not like a page with too many links in it.  However, it will be okay if you have a blog with many pages then you could put more and more backlinks in it.

Lots of Fixing for My Articles

Because of that new discovery, I spent almost 2 hours to fix and remove most of the back links that has been published.  And I hope that it will help to improve my SEO ranking so I could be able to get more views from the search engine.

Posting Related Back Links is the Key to Success

Besides removing lots of back links, I also fixed some of the links so those could be matching the title I was writing about, and resulting more views if the reader would like to know more about the knowledge.

Personal Success Experience for Freelance Writing

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