Elections Lost. All Because of One Man Named Raja..

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Results of the assembly elections are out in Tamil Nadu. The party existing in power, DMK, lost very badly. Out of the 234 assembly seats, they have managed to win only 33 seats which is a clear defeat by a large margin. Probably, their bad conduct through these years of their reign had brought them down.

Firstly, the party was been continuously accused by the opposition and many other leading politicians in the state for, all the important positions in the party were given only to the family members of the party chief M.Karunanidhi. The party had a bad time within the state with many murder cases and other petitions filed against them. Particularly, M.Karunanidhi’s son, M.K.Alagiri, was noted of indulging in many illicit actitvities, height of which is the burning of a newspaper office in which three persons were burnt alive. Since they were in power, they were able to suppress all the elements against them. Then came a major blow.

A DMK leader and the by then Union telecom minister A.Raja was found guilty in allocating 2G band spectrum (of frequencies). He was corrupted by some of the leading telecom companies to favour them important government policies. His selfish act had cost a massive loss of 1.7 lakh crores rupees, which is Rs.17,60,00,00,00,00,000. Oppositions came from all over the country for this and the national agency for crime investigation, CBI was forced to handle the case. He was eventually arrested. The party chief, M.Karunanidhi, still supported him saying that, he is facing difficulties because of the fact that he is from a lower caste.

This particular case shut all the good images of the party, as truth came to light. The CBI probe found that Kalaignar TV that is run by the party chief’s family, got involved in this massive issue. A.Raja got the fund delivered to the party‘s channel in a possibly safety way, to his notions. Fund was transferred from one account to another account, of many other companies (even to many foreign companies) in a sequence. And in the end, the money reached the final company in the hierarchy, which is the Kalaignar TV. CBI tracked and found all the transaction details involved in the case and finally proved the fraudulent of Kalaignar TV. M.Karunanidhi’s wife, Dayalu Ammal and his daughter to his third wife M.K.Kanimozhi had 20% shares in the television company. Later, his daughter was enquired and found guilty. And eventually got arrested.

This case simply devastated the whole popularity of the party to a very large extent. People punished the party and its men, after considering the national loss of money and image, because selfish deeds of the party. This is one of their major defeats. Since the opposition has come into power, many arrests of the party men and particularly people from the chief’s family are expected.          


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