Ninja Warriors – A True Legend..

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Ninja warriors are an elite group of the covert mercenaries in Japan. They practice and follow unorthodox war practices that are very special to themselves. They put honor in front of everything and they intend to fight or even die for honor. Held in contrast with Samurais, these warriors are known for their exceptional capabilities. Many misinterpret ninja only as a martial art, but ninja strategies include mainly spying, sabotaging, espionage tactics apart from their assassination techniques. In modern ages, some of their techniques are still in existence with the name ninjitsu.

Ninja culture was been followed as a tradition in old times. A ninja soldier teaches and coaches his son with special abilities. It was been a matter of proud to say oneself is a ninja. Their skills were been acquired from a long and sincere trainings and practices. Their practice methodologies include running long distances without a break, swimming underwater such that no movement is seen above on the water surfaces and extend up to highly specialized assassination techniques like cutting opponent’s body in hundred different places before he dies in a sword fight. The ninjas are practiced to manage their own centre of gravity well, which makes them very easy to climb ropes, branches of trees, etc. They also concentrate a lot on disguises and other survival techniques.  

 Some of the phenomenal war tactics developed by ninjas include distracting enemy men with fires at different area other than their entry point of attack, climbing a tree and camouflaging themselves, using duckweeds for stealth underwater movements, curling into a ball and be without movement as a stone, walk on water with a set of specialized wooden shoes,  etc.  History has evidence for a lot of magic techniques executed by them in cases of danger or any covert operations. Once a set of ninja warriors disguised themselves as a part of the enemy army group and started firing within the group after infiltration. Most of the soldiers killed their own army men wrongly by a simple doubt of whether he is an infiltrated ninja. And in another case, only an elite cluster of three to four ninjas captured a whole castle. Ninjas are supposed to finish tasks given to them, however difficult it may be. If they fail a task, it is considered a shame and in many such cases they kill themselves. Each ninja should fight till his death and no running back is allowed, as it would be considered disrespect to his community and his skills.

Ninja weaponry includes items like knife, darts, spikes, star shaped disc, sickles with weight at one end, bows, peculiar chains, swords, a few chemical weapons, etc. Each ninja warrior is expected to master at least five weapons or more. Chemistry and usage of certain chemicals were been a mysterious art known only to ninja community. The ninjas were believed of possessing a “Black Medicine” which stops blood flow and pain in a cut, which allowed ninjas to fight even after they were attacked.

Ninjas were hired by kings and landlords purposes like collecting critical information, watch them as a possible threat for an attack and also killing their enemies without identities of who killed. Kingdoms were frustrated of the fact that ninjas are far capable than their soldiers. Traps and block holes were been constructed within kingdoms to catch ninjas. Metallic walls and gravel pathways are employed to indicate an unauthorized entry of a ninja. But ninjas remained powerful tackling all those difficulties and succeeded in all their assignments and mission.


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