Obama Betrayed by His Friend…?

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The mastermind of September 11 attacks in US got killed in a covert operation carried out by a set of US marines or navy seals on May 2, 2011. The operation was named Geronimo and the objective was to kill Osama Bin Laden and not to capture him alive. The Al-Queda head was killed from three days after president Obama signed the operation papers.

For about a time scale of six to thirteen months US intelligence particularly CIA started to track Osama after they came to know he was hiding in a safehouse in Abbottabad, Pakistan. They didn’t inform Pakistani military or its intelligence as mishaps are potentially possible. Pakistanis might engage themselves and let Osama to escape which would be terrible loss of a golden opportunity is what the conception from many of the involved US senators. Without the knowledge Pakistan, US navy seals grounded on the hideout of the terrorist. They came in special operation chopper which they crashed within the perimeters of the safehouse. They quickly got into action and shot everybody came in their way. Seals reported Osama’s room was dark without lighting and hence the further steps were very confusing. They also said Osama was hiding behind a woman who was to be his last wife and they shot her in leg. Later seals shot twice on Osama one in the chest and one in the head. Operation Geronimo was a success with no lives lost from the side of US. Finally, they threw the body of Osama Bin Laden in the North Arabian Sea.

Now the question is how the intelligence of US got information of Osama’s hideout. It has been reported that one of Osama’s colleagues in Al-Queda named Zawahiri had a personal assistant who is unknown till now, is the person from whom CIA elicitated information. Moreover, in the circles of Al-Queda there seemed to a misunderstanding between the two leaders Osama and Zawahiri. This doubt is raised at this context because, it is found that Zawahiri is the person who had set up this safehouse in Pakistan for Osama. Along with the obtained information, the Osama’s hideout was been subjected on surveillance for a few months before CIA planned this attack. The peculiarities in the case are many and one among is that his safehouse is very near to a Pakistani military training centre. This increased US doubts on Pakistan’s military and so planned the attack without their knowledge.

Citizens of America rejoiced at the success of this op. President Obama declared “Justice had been done”. On the other hand, many extremist leaders in the world condemned US for killing Osama Bin Laden and throwing his body in sea. Many terrorist groups announced attacks on US and also on Pakistan for its support to US. This war never seems to be ending at all…


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