Make Your Business Work Like Magic

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I’ve been fascinated by magic and magicians since I was little.
A successful magician can reach behind my ear, say “abracadabra”
and – voila – pull out a quarter. Or with focused concentration,
and two taps of a wand, a rabbit comes out of a top hat that was
previously proven empty. On a bigger scale, a successful
magician can drape a silk cape over a caged tiger and with a
grand gesture and the flip of a wrist – poof – the cape falls to
the ground and the caged tiger has disappeared. 

I love that stuff. It’s amazing. It’s magic.

But it wasn’t until I tried to learn a few magic tricks myself
that I discovered the key to such effortless success. It didn’t
come from the words being uttered, or the brand of top hat being
used, or the type of cape being flung … those are just the
props and tools of the trade. The success of the magic comes
from something we don’t see on stage … the endless hours of
repetitive practice. 

Even simple slight of hand isn’t really simple … it is
practiced and perfected before it is ever performed. The
resulting trick performed to an audience must become seemingly
effortless and automatic. It can be re-choreographed. It can be
reinvented. Yet, the success is in being able to do it over and
over again; not in being able to do it once every third or
fourth try. 

Can you guess where I’m going with this in how it relates to
your business?

You are the magician of your business, and your customers are
your audience. They are the ones who pay to receive whatever you
promise to deliver. Whether it is a magic show, a product, or a
service, your job is to give your audience (customers) an
experience they’ll want to have over and over again.

The goal of making it simple and easy for your customers and
clients to do business with you begins with focused, rehearsed,
and perfected behind-the-scenes work to achieve consistency.

Give your customers consistency, and you’ll solidify loyalty. If
you embellish with a few magic words and a prop or two, that’s
great – but if you aren’t consistent, your audience (customers)
won’t be loyal enough to keep paying the entry fee to see your
show, or buy your products and services. 

Many of us focus on the props – promotions, signage, advertising
– yes, these things are extremely important to attract people to
your services and products. But if you are not delivering
consistency to your customers and clients who are attracted to
your props, they will not come back for more. 

Roughly 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers.
That’s right, long-term success is in repeat business, not in
pulling in new customers with gags and gimmicks only to have
them leave after the first show.

Build consistency into your business by remembering the
magician. An audience may be dazzled by the words, hats, and
capes, but if the tiger doesn’t disappear every single time,
that audience won’t likely come back to see a seco d show.


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