Oceanic Tides :what Are They?

What are tides?

Tides are consistent rise and fall of the waters of the ocean .The main cause of these tides are the attractive forces of the sun and moon acting upon the earth and on the moving waters of the oceans.

Kinds of tides:

                        There are two kinds of tides. Spring tides, which are caused by the pulling action of the sun and moon together when all three of them are aligned together; and Neap tides, which are caused when sun and moon are at right angles and pull against each other .Since the moon completes it’s orbit around the earth in 29.5 days so there are two Spring tides and two Neap tides every lunar month. This means when there is new moon or full moon, there will be Spring tides and when the moon is one week or three weeks older, there will be Neap tides.

Spring tide is when the highest point of tide is reached .Neap tide is when the lowest point of tide is reached. The flow of tide is the coming in .The ebb of tide is the going out. Tides ebb and flow twice in 24 hours 50 minutes. The earth spins on it’s axis as well and one complete rotation is about 24 hours ,so the movement of the moon is relative to this movement and one lunar movement gets completed in 24 hours 40 minutes. 

  The difference between two high tides or two low tides is about 12 hours 25 minutes and the difference between one high tide and one low tide is 6 hours approx.

There are usually two high tides and two low tides in any coastal area however it is not necessary, in some coastal areas there can be one high tide and one low tide as well.

Work of tides:

The work of tides is very important since they alter the shape of the coast line .They form estuaries when they rush up in the mouth of a narrow river; when they bring materials and deposit it on the continental shelves of the sea. They also aid in shipping and provide an alternative source of energy as well. Many companies consider tides as an option to save money and energy. 

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