Something You Should Do on May 13Th

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Things You Should Do On the Bad Luck May 13th

On the day of May 13th, is always considered as a bad luck day, many people are trying to avoid having their normal life because of the bad luck belief.  However, that should be something you should do to take advantages of the bad luck.

You Should Tell Your Boss to Do Something he Likes

On that day, probably one of your biggest enemy in life – Your Boss.  Show me something he/she like or want to do.  You should take the advantages of the bad luck, make him fail on that day and that will be your enjoyment.

Encourage the Person You Hate to Buy Lottery or Investing in Stock

If you have someone you hate, good for you!  You should tell him/her that this is time to buy a lottery and wishing that he/she will win.  Or you should encourage him/her to use all of his/her money to invest in stock market so he/she could lose all of his money.  This should be entertaining for you.

Ride Public Transportation to Work

If you truly believe that May 13th is a bad day for you, you should get on a bus or train instead of driving.  That means if bad luck is really coming on you, that will come on anyone who ride with you and you are sharing your bad luck with them.

Invite Your Bad Neighbour to a Party and Get Date

On the day of May 13th, invite the worst neighbour in your neighbourhood to a party and get him/her a guy/lady, then later he/she will tell you that he/she has been infected sexual diease and then you stay away from him/her.

Everything Just a Joke Above Forget About Bad Luck

It seems like everything I have said above is crazy and you may assume that I am crazy too, but if you are truely believe that May 13th could bring you bad luck, you are just as crazy as I am here.  Therefore, forget about the bad luck mindset and keep going on your normal life.

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