How to Avoid The Pitfalls of Starting a Small Business Lawn Care Service

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But, even with these appealing perks, there is more to owning a lawn care business than running out and buying a lawn tractor and asking people if you can mow their lawn. Following these steps will help prevent possible mistakes that could train wreck your entrepreneurial dream of running your own lawn service business.

Assess startup capital and equipment needs. Unless you already own commercial lawn care equipment you will need to determine the initial cost involved in purchasing those items. A commercial brand lawn tractor can cost between $2000-10,000 and up. This doesn’t even touch things like blower, weed and hedge trimmers, parts for repairs, fuel, etc. Then there is the need to have reliable transportation and a trailer to load and carry all of you equipment. It is possible to start with a small inexpensive push mower that you can throw it in the trunk of your car. There have been some who have started out this way and over a period of time and lots of sweat equity were able to build their lawn business into something financially substantial.

Get licensed and bonded. It is sheer folly if you are not licensed and bonded. The financial risks are enormous if you’re not properly and adequately covered. All it takes is one rock thrown by your mower into a homeowner’s plate glass window or worse if that accidently thrown rock hits and injure someone, for you to be ruined financially. Also, many potential customers, individuals and businesses alike, won’t even give you the time of day if you’re not licensed and bonded.

Sign contractual agreements. This is to help avoid getting sued or if you get sued to help win your case as long as you held up your end of the contract. Contracts are a non-negotiable. You must have clearly written and signed contracts. Is the paperwork a hassle? It is, but not nearly as much paperwork as you’ll face if a disgruntled customer drags you into court and you can’t defend you or your business just because you did not take the time to use a contract.



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