Worthyadvantagesof Silverlight Development

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Silverlight development is a development platform offered by Microsoft. It is an application framework for writing and running rich internet applications along with multimedia, animations and graphics, integrated with adobe flash/flex development. Silverlight was released in 2007 with silverlight version 1 and its latest release is silverlight version 4. This latest release is compatible with different web browsers and operating systems (OS) of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.In fact, it has many unique features and advantages and, as a result, is used by millions of users and software development companies around the world.

Some of the major advantages of silverlight development are:

·          Silverlight development is based on Microsoft technologies so it is able to deliver safe and secure results

·          It can be cross-linked with various browsers such as internet explorer, firefox, google chrome, opera, etc.

·          Silverlight development can work smoothly on both Microsoft windows and Mac OS X

·          It supports various other languages such as C, C#, C++, and JAVA/AJAX

·          It consists of adobe for flash/flex development

·          It also supports various other Microsoft technologies including .NET frameworks and Microsoft VB

·          As it is a great solution for developing rich internet applications so it can provide an array of solutions including:

ü  Web-based applications

ü  Custom CRM solutions

ü  Custom CMS solutions

ü  An online store

ü  Ecommerce development

ü  Industry specific web-based applications

ü  And many more…

·          Silverlight development allows developers, programmers and software development companies to create excellent templates and themes exceeding their client’s requirements

·          It supports integration of high-definition video files, vector and other rich graphics along with animations to give a very elegant feel to a website

·          Silverlight development can also provide solutions for mobile devices such as windows mobile 7 series and Symbian 60 series

With so many advantages and benefits, there is no doubt that silverlight development has always been able to provide worthy solutions in web designing and development.

Summary: Silverlight development is an application development framework offered by Microsoft.  Itprovides for countless benefits and advantages which allow it’s developers to create quality solutions in web designing and development.


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