How to Clean Fake or Imitation Jewelry

Many of us wear costume or fake jewelry because of the different varieties available, affordability, security and style. Majority of times these fake ornaments are so pretty and perfect that they are mistaken for real jewelry. Mostly we throw the imitation jewelry away once the color fades or they lose their luster. But sometimes we may have some imitation jewelry which are antiques or which we are emotionally attached to. In such a case we may not want to throw them away but want to clean it and reuse it. Cleaning of fake jewelry is a little tricky as we are not aware of the exact make or metal of the jewelry. So if you have any antique pieces it is best to check with a jewelry dealer about cleaning it. So, How to clean imitation jewelry at home easily? Given below are some home methods for cleaning fake jewelry.

  • For unpainted or jewelry without any glued parts such as fake gemstonestake a cup of water and drop 2 denture tablets into it and allow them to dissolve. Put the jewelry in it for a few minutes and then take out and rinse in clean water and then dry it.
  • Apply tooth paste on the fake jewelry using a soft wet tooth brush and gently scrub the dirt using it. Clean using running water and dry it.
  • Similarly you may also apply baking soda on a wet tooth brush and scrub the jewelry for some time and then wash and dry it.
  • Now add 2 drops of liquid soap in a small bowl and swish it around a bit. Add your jewelry in it and allow soaking for some time. Remove an scrub using a soft tooth and wash thoroughly and dry it.
  • Rubbing the gold plated ornaments with pumpkin juice can make them shining.
  • Keep the fake jewelry on a piece of cotton in a box with a chalk on it to retain its shine.

Now that you know ways of cleaning fake imitation jewelry, why not try cleaning your jewelry than throwing it away as the color fades or pieces become dirty?

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