What Do Internet Marketing Influence Engines Mean To My Business

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What Do These Internet Marketing Influence Engines Mean To My Business?

Now when it comes to search engines a lot of people think that Google is #1 in this category.

But there is another company that Google bought a few years ago called YouTube that is quickly becoming the #1 search engine war “influence engine” of choice for certain age groups of our population. Because of YouTube, it is now well-known that the best way to find out how to do something and get step-by-step visual training on how to do a task is to type in some related keywords to YouTube and select from several video choices on the topic that you’re researching.

However it’s not commonly known that there are more than 50 other key online locations that people use to find a business that they are seeking out. As a business owner, your company must be listed on these other online Internet locations to help Google and the other search engines rank your business above your competitors. This is the only way that your target audience of prospects and customers can find you on the Internet.

These search engines are becoming known as “Influence Engines” because the use of them is builds popularity and influence for businesses advertising online effectively.

The more “influence” a business has on the Internet, the easier it is to find this business when people search for keywords associated with your business, your products, or your services.

These types of special engines of influence include:

Online Business Directories specific to your region or metro area
Internet Business Directories like Superpages and Kudzu
Local Search Engines like Google Places, Yahoo! Merchant Circle, and Local
Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Yelp!
Specific industry related directories particular to your business
Online Directory Assistance sites like 411.com
Now why do these influence engines matter to your business?

Well, because they can have an enormous impact on how easily people can find you online. When you get your business information listed on these Internet sites, you encourage your potential customers to post comments and reviews about your business. You will find that getting complementary and congratulatory reviews from your customers is one of the most rewarding things to you and your business for online marketing effectiveness.

This is because other people who are searching for information about her business will read these reviews and think that you have a great business, and they’d like to learn more about you and your business and what you have to offer.

If you thought to yourself that you have always wanted to do this to help your business, but you never knew how to get started, and you want more information contact our company, Customer Finder Marketing to get some expert online marketing advice and watch an online marketing video that explains all this.

Details are available in the resource box at the bottom of this article.

Thank You Business Owners!

Brian B. Dawson
Customer Finder Marketing


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