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Why Use Rooting Enhancer?

Compared to soil, most nutrient solutions are quite sterile. The majority of plants are used to growing in a substrate or medium that’s rich in beneficial bacteria and organic matter. Because of this, it can of benefit introduce these types of bacteria into a hydroponic system, so that the root zone area more closely imitates the advantages of a soil environment. Most experienced growers do this by using a high quality rooting enhancer. This can provide many specially designed bacteria that can increase root size and improve the health of the plants. Below are a few things you can do to get the most out of your root booster.

Use an Unimpeded or Non Congested Medium – If you want your plants roots to grow stronger, bigger and thicker then you must make sure that your medium/substrate allows room for the added amount of root growth. It’s also important to thoroughly clean (or totally replace) your substrate after every grow to remove old roots and any debris that can affect root development and the uptake of oxygen.

Combined with Beneficial Fungi – Certain very advanced rooting enhancers contain specific strains of bacteria that will encourage the germination and growth of healthy and beneficial bacteria. These fungi will protect your plant from mildew and mold. They will also strengthen the defenses of your plants against several strains of harmful bacteria. Also, they will break down old organic material in your medium and create more of the nutrients in your nutrient solution. Your rooting enhancer will only help these fungi if they are present in your hydroponics system already. It’s wise to take full advantage of everything that these types of supplements have to offer. You should find another plant supplement that contains these fungi, and use them simultaneously.

Combined with Nitrogen Based Nutrients – One of the biggest benefits of rooting enhancers is the way in which they can affect positive nitrogen uptake. Most of the good quality rooting enhancers have plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, or PGPR. A study performed back in 2000 (on rice crops) showed that the combination of PGPR and nitrogen fertilizers could increase yields significantly. Nitrogen might be plentiful in the atmosphere around your plants but plants (apart from legumes) don’t have the ability to convert atmospheric nitrogen into something they can make use of. The bacteria contained in root enhancers converts this nitrogen into something beneficial to plants.

Adjusting Environmental Factors – Supplements such as rooting enhancer always function better when you have the other conditions of your grow room adjusted perfectly. Make sure that the pH of your nutrient solution is within the correct parameters to ensure optimum nutrient uptake. The temperatures should be somewhere between 72 and 78 degrees, but not so warm that it causes the plants to transpire too much through their leaves or your nutrient solution to evaporate quickly. A correctly balanced solution of nutrients will work along with a rooting enhancer to provide the ideal quantity of nutrients to your roots. You should also check regularly that your plants are receiving sufficient light, but never place your lights so close to the plants that they are damaged by the heat.

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