How to Clean Plush Stuffed Toys

Plush stuffed toys can get pretty dirty, especially if your baby plays with it everyday.  It is important to keep your baby’s plush toys clean because disease-causing germs can thrive in them. Here’s how to wash your baby’s plush stuffed toys:

• First, pre-treat stains using a laundry stain-remover. Remember to use a mild stain remover since your baby’s skin is extra sensitive. You may also use a baby-safe upholstery or carpet stain remover. • Next, use a white washcloth or sponge to gently remove the stain.

• Take out all accessories that are on the toy, such as clothes, collars, sound boxes, etc. and clean these separately.

• Stuff the plush toy inside a white pillowcase tied securely. This will protect the plastic eyes and catch stuffing that fall out of a tear.

• Run the toy on the gentle cycle with cool water and baby-safe liquid cleaner. You can also use an upholstery or carpet cleaner. Just make sure to use a tiny amount and that your carpet or upholstery cleaner is safe for your baby.

• After washing, pop the plush toy in the dryer and put it on medium heat. The length of time depends on the size of the toy: for a small plush toy, run it on the dryer for about 20 minutes; for a medium sized toy, dry it for about 30 minutes; for a large toy, run it for about 40-50 minutes. You can also use the fluff cycle after drying if you want. Run the plush toy in the fluff cycle for about 5 minutes and then brush it if needed.

• Check for loose seams, buttons or eyes. Repair them if necessary.

• Dress up the plush toy with its clothes that were taken off and washed separately. Replace all accessories, including sound box if it has one.

Surface dusting

For toys that can’t be washed (or if you are simply not sure how to wash them), you can try the surface dusting method using cornstarch or baking soda.

• Simply pop a plush toy in a large zip lock bag then add one or two cups of baking soda or corn starch. • Shake the bag vigorously until the entire plush toy is coated. • Leave the toy inside the (closed) bag for two hours for the powder to absorb odors.

• Afterwards, take the toy outside and brush it lightly with a soft or vacuum cleaner to remove the powder. How to clean up collectible plush toys:

Some plush toys can’t be cleaned in the washing machine. These toys are collectibles and will be worth a lot in time. To clean collectible plush toys:

• Dust them up regularly using a soft, clean cloth. You can also use a clean cloth and a mild detergent to spot clean them if needed.

• For Ty Beanie Babies collectibles, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe them clean, and then use a hair dryer set on medium heat to dry.

• Place a collectible plush toy in the dryer and run it on the lowest heat setting for about 5 minutes.

• To get rid of odors, add a baby-safe dryer sheet when you run it on the dryer.

• Vacuum toys with the drapery nozzle. • You can also use a lint roller.

• For collectible plush toys that have long fur, give them a gentle brushing after they are cleaned.

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