What Are Personal Development Plans?

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Personal development involves the process of selecting objectives, determining a course and following that course in order to achieve those objectives. Personal development planning makes things happen that would not otherwise occur. It makes a future happen the way we determine. It offsets uncertainty and chances. It includes assessing future and making provision for it and assists in making sound judgment in present. It pervades organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.

In a nutshell, a personal development plan enables to discover the strengths/weaknesses, by jotting down what to prioritize and how to prioritize. It is extremely important to assemble all information to develop the SWOT analysis for any organization. The analysis plays an integral part while   designing a PDF plan. It assists in utilizing the strengths and overcoming weaknesses, exploring new ideas and opportunities and avoids any threats.

 The bases of a personal development plan lies upon the following guidelines.

Choosing the right objectives

Goal setting is the prime focus in personal development plan. Once the goals are determined it makes easy to proceed further in any problem solving case. What are positive traits that add to strength, what are the negative traits that are effecting and overwhelming that strength? These should be included in the objectives of any personal development plan. It should be taken into account that our objectives are SMART. These should be specific and measurable .Authentic and reliable to accomplish.

Communicating the objectives

Once the objectives have been set they must be communicated to every contributing member of the group or organization. It is the manager’s responsibility to co-ordinate and unify all diversified goals in order to combine efforts. The predetermined goals can not be accomplished unless the efforts and activities of different members are joined together. From top management to workers all are involved in this process. Objectives act as a yardstick against which actual performance is measured.  

Developing program

Programs are a composition of policies procedures, rules and assignments necessary to carry out        a plan

Deciding on standards

 Establishing standards is very imperative Standards provides a means or act as a yardstick against which actual performance is measured. Standards are plans. They also act as a controlling device. For successful appraisal standards should be practicable and understandable. They may be quantitative or qualitative. They simplify the task of supervision.

Formulating strategies

Strategies are the process of deciding on objectives of the organization, deciding on changes in these objectives, deciding on the policies that are to govern the acquisition, use, and is position of these resources. Strategies must be consistent with the objectives.

For effective management and leadership, the following traits should be adhered upon

Effective leadership and management require consistency in the performance with the flexibility and adaptability to take risky challenges. Individuals are able to motivate other employees of the organization and are able to create a competent and consistent environment. It is a merger of reliable individuals who can produce results under critical and crucial circumstances. When a leadership lacks these traits, it tends to be ineffective and it’s planning fails.

The SWOT analysis of an organization provides a framework in which all strengths and weaknesses are combined and organization look for  exploiting new opportunities and avoiding  harsh effects of threats.


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