Why we Care About Being Healthy?

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The word “Health” refers to proper functioning  of all mental and physical activities . Health may termed as good or bad  , depends upon the life style of a person.. Good health  is a sign of  vitality and  agility. If a person is enjoying his work, family, home and other pastimes ,he is said to have good health ,while in other case , bad health is the cause of his  irritation .

From generation to generation, health was considered as a precious treasure .Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and others, all had great regards for being healthy. They tried to maintain their health by living a healthy life style and diet. In this way, they were able to perform and achieved so many successes in various fields. This notion passed on to other generations and till the present day, health is considered to be a secret weapon of success.

Ancient Greeks believed that a healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. However, a healthy body cannot be attained without taking care about it. Being healthy is very important for all human activities. It assists us to perform all our routine activities. Health is some thing to care about because when it is lost, some thing is really valuable is lost. We come to realize this fact when we become ill or are in a bad shape of health. We are bound to observe some restrictions because we can not afford to take risks because of bad health. 

We care about being healthy because we want to apply ourselves in our respective fields of work which we lack in case of bad health. A healthy life allows us to perform efficiently and proficiently at our optimum level. We can not perform all these activities without good health.  Health affects our lives in many ways. It directly influences our lives. A healthy student can appear in an exam with good preparation as compared to a student suffering from any health disorder. A healthy player can perform with flying colors as compared to an unfit player.

Good health opens doors for new opportunities. People with good health, enjoy their life and are always eager to take up new challenges. They face hardships with more confidence as compared to those who suffer with bad health. Good health reflects happiness and calmness in an individual’s personality .With such traits, he /she can indulge into other activities with a boost in energy level. The energy level of a healthy person is much higher as compare to a person suffering bad health. Good health lays mental fitness which counts a lot in our personal and professional lives.

 Those with bad health should strive to make them healthier since it is one way to be happier. It becomes important that we maintain a healthy life style to be healthy. Negligence in this regard, can cause other problems and even cost life .Bad health brings more diseases which in turn are causes of more mental or physical disorders .For months, we stay away from our routine activities just because of bad health .With good health, we can take part in all social, mental and physical activities with more vigor and energy.


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