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Ambit Energyand this ground breaking opportunity triggered by Energy Deregulation could be life chancing for those who are truly looking for financial freedom. The economy is affecting almost everybody. Times are difficult and people are searching for new ways to SAVE MONEY and MAKE MONEY, this could be your opportunity.
Make sure you read this article and its entirety because I will extensively review energy deregulation, and why energy is the new money making opportunity train.

What is Energy Deregulation? And how can you make MONEY? Answers these questions honestly…


#1: Is it fair to assume that as consumers we don’t intentionally overpay for anything and we natural shop for bargains?
#2: Do you or anyone you know regularly use energy (electricity or natural gas) every month?
#3: Do you or the people you know would like to save money on their energy bills each month ?
#4: NOW, How would you like to earn a RESIDUAL INCOME every MONTH for help?


Energy is the PERFECT PRODUCT. It Is A COMMODITY that 99.8% Of People Uses And Need: DAILY, MONTHLY AND YEARLY. IT NEVER EXPIRES!!!As an ambit energy consultant you serve as the informant, for people that are unaware of their options. You can earn a residual income and thousands of dollars and bonuses just by simply referring others to these options.

Energy Deregulation-Ambit Energy…

Energy Deregulationbrings competitions in a once monopoly energy market. Essentially, customers are now able to shop for better rates on their electric and natural gas bills. It is safe to say that everyone uses ENERGY and NATURAL GAS everyday but we didn’t have any opinions in terms of provider. By default we had to choose the default gas and electric providers. But now consumers have choices. Similar to shopping for a better credit card rates, mortgages rates or car rates. Shopping for a better energy rate can save you money month after month. Ambit Energy can save consumer 15-25% on their energy bill.

What are the Risks for Consumers?

There is NO-RISK WHATSOEVER if consumers choose an energy supplier that offers lower rates! There are no changes in the way that energy is delivered to their homes.

Consumers still pay their bills the same way and there are no service interrupts for changing energy supplier. Consumers still called their local provider for any gas or electric emergency.

Ambit Energy- The Best choice in Energy deregulation

Ambit Energy Is Not Your Typical Energy MLM Company: It’s the Real Deal…

• Ambit is accredited with an exceptional “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Read about their rating here .
• Ambit Energy is a member of the (DSA) Direct Selling Association.
• Ambit Energy is an INC 500 fastest growing Private Company in 2010. Read about it here.
• Ambit Energy Co is approved by the New York State Public Service Commission.
• Ambit Energy Reviews Best Places to Work. Honors Twice By Two Dallas Newspapers, the Dallas Morning.
• Ambit Energy has a Long Term standing relationship with Shell Oil.
• Ambit Energy was recognized as the fastest growing company by Dallas News in the USA in 2009.


Ambit Energy Provides Values To Consumers…Which Helps With Retention and Customer Loyalty. This is extremely important because as an energy consultant you earn a residual income from your people you refer to another energy supplier. In additions a lower rates you want to be able to provide your customers with additional insensitive to keep them loyal. There are a lot of different energy suppliers and you don’t want to lose customers.  Ambit Energy Provides Values To Consumers…Which Helps With Retention and Customer Loyalty…

• #1: Guaranteed Savings: Ambit Energy is the only provider that guarantees savings. These savings are guaranteed in writing for customers!
• #2: Contract Term: Ambit energy offers fixed and variable plans available for customers to start saving money immediately. Ambit Energy does not require any contract terms. This means that if you are not happy, you can switch back to the incumbent provider,
• #3: Sign-Up Fees: Ambit Energy does not charge any initial or sign-up fees when you switch from your existing energy supplier and become their customer.
• #4: Monthly Fees: Ambit Energy offers a variety of contracts, depending on which state you live in. There are no fees for most states.
• #5: Customer Service: Ambit Energy has a track record of excellent customer service, and is an accredited BBB company!



1. BONUSES: Customers get a free 2-night / 3-day hotel stay as a welcome gift. You will also get free travel rewards, just for using energy and paying your bills each month!
2. TRAVEL REWARDS: As a customer of Ambit you earn travel reward points for every kilowatt or therm you use which can be redeemed for vacation packages, airfare, etc.
3. REFERRAL: Just for referring 5 customers (family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.) in 120 days, you get a free vacation reward. If you refer 15 customers in 180 days, you will get free energy every month credited to your account, forever.
4. FREE ENERGY: Customers can earn free energy by referring 15 customers (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) to ambit energy.


There are some people that tend to be skeptical of network marketing as a way to making money. However, those people tend to see the glass as half empty as well. Warren Buffet and Mogul, Donald Trump are advocates of network marketing because it gives regular people who weren’t born into wealth an opportunity to truly gain financial freedom. But it’s not for everyone; it’s for positive, entrepreneurship spirited people that has willingness and a desire to make it work. If you are ready to profit from energy deregulation then choose ambit energy has the vehicle to get you to your financial freedom destination.

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