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My Path to Be a Successful Freelance Writer

I have joined to write for Triond just beginning of this year at 2011, the reason I joined Triond because I need to expand readership for my content that has been written on Triond and then post it to somewhere else.  But after I realized that I could earn money both way from Triond and GoogleAdsense, I decided to put more effort on writing on Triond and it is more easier for me to I earn more money.

The Most Readership Articles I have with 1,612 views in One Month Only!

Those Kind of Man Who Cannot Get a Date is the most successful articles for me some far that has caught 1,612 views so far, it does not make me the most money on Triond and GoogleAdsnese, but the readership is surprising me because seems like love and sex title always catches people’s eye at the first place.

I have published that article on April 12, 2010, therefore, within one month, it is attracting more and more reader to learn how not to the man who will not get date.  I feel glad because this article could actually help some of the male to improve themselves and to be more sexual appealing.  And of course that will make the world to be more better and safer place for sure.

If I Can Do It You Will Be More Successful

Here, I would like to prove to you that writing for earning is actually work, it only takes some hard work on writing itself and also look for any creative way to market your articles, then you will get readership, and that means more money for you if you keep doing that over and over again.

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