Choosing Eco-Friendly Office Furniture

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With the growing concern about keeping global warming in check, the campaign to use more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient materials has been rising every day giving birth to eco-friendly office furniture. That’s why manufacturers are always keen to produce more eco-friendly office furniture to fit in the green revolution. If you want to contribute in the fight against global warming, you must purchase eco-friendly office furniture by choosing the right furniture made with the right wood and chemical.

Even if hardwood was the first choice for making office furniture, now it is no longer the case because of the efforts to save rainforests. Furniture manufacturers now insist on buying lumber from companies which only use sustainable practices to get their lumber. With this procedure, furniture manufacturers make sure that all the lumber producers uses the right procedures to acquire their timber.

If you want to buy only eco-friendly office furniture, you should look for those office furniture manufacturers who have a certificate from a recognized authority. A well known authority is the Forest Stewardship council. The certificate will ensure you that the wood has been gotten from a forest managed under the regulations of environmental conservation. Companies who get these certificates should first meet the requirements on maintaining the ecosystem, conserving the biological diversity and establishing long term management procedures.

You can also consider buying eco-friendly office furniture which has been made from recycled materials. You can get office furniture made from recycled soda bottles too!

Certain glues, finishes or stains emit volatile organic compounds which is why you have to choose office furniture which does not contribute to indoor pollution either. The eco-friendly office furniture should be finished by powder based finishing coats; these coats do not require too much energy to manufacture, do not have too much waste and are free of volatile organic compounds.

Greenguard is the authority which evaluates how differently indoor furniture contributes to the air quality. Therefore, if you want eco-friendly office furniture, you should look for furniture which has been certified by Greenguard. Greenguard ensures that only those materials with less emission and those that are non-polluting are used for manufacturing furniture. The manufacturers in a bid to meet everybody’s needs and tastes are manufacturing furniture in different and elaborate designs because most of the business men now know the benefits of using eco-friendly office furniture.


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