Unveiling Event For Honda Motorcycles For 2012 in Davie, FL

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Major Honda Unveiling Event for the CB1000R, CBR250R and The Gold Wing 2012

May 14th, Rick Case Honda Powerhouse in Davie, FL will be unveiling new Honda motorcycles models to South Florida riders and enthusiasts.

If you want to experience a new class of racing bikes then look no further than the Honda CB1000RR. This street bike has both the style and performance preferred by racing enthusiasts all over the world. Refined through testing on some of the World Superbike tracks, this motorcycle offers state of the art electronics coupled with a powerful engine that responds to your every command.

The Honda CB1000RR has been upgraded in many ways to improve its performance. The new Combined Anti-Lock Braking system ensures a smooth stop by distributing the brake force through both of wheels. This means you can be confident that you will be safe in even less than ideal driving conditions.

When it comes to racing, how the bike handles can mean the difference between winning and losing. Its Electronic Steering Damper provides you with complete control over the bike whether you are traveling at high or low speeds. Its lightweight aluminum frame and rear spring loaded shocks makes traveling on the road comfortable and efficient and the padded seating ensures you’ll be able to ride for hours.

This six speed engine is fuel efficient; able to get 37 miles per gallon based on the EPA measurements. For environmental enthusiasts, the Honda CB1000RR meets the California Air Resources Board standards for emissions. This means that in addition to racing, you can also avoid the many traffic jams that plague roadways around the country by commuting on your bike.

This motorcycle is fun to drive and comes in several color combinations including red and black, blue, white, orange, and red, and plain black. It is big enough for two people which mean you can take a friend on the road with you. Honda has a long history of building high quality bikes and the Honda CB1000RR continues with that tradition. To get a closer look at the Honda CB1000RR visit the Honda of Fort Lauderdale dealership. Come see the 2012 model unveiling of these brand new Honda motorcycles at Rick Case Honda Powerhouse in Davie, FL. The preferred Honda dealer serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach riders since 1962.


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