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People think that owning leather furniture is a status symbol and makes the room look fancy. I thought so myself and I decided to invest in some leather furniture and it cost me a good deal of money. I visited different stores before making up my mind and opting for the store where I could get the leather furniture at a reasonable price. After a long search, I settled on a recliner and a couch that I believed would suit the look of my living room. After paying for the furniture, I went home waiting for the time my leather couch would be delivered.

The first thing I have done is to get rid of all the old furniture in my home. I have to redecorate my living room to make sure that the black leather furniture I have chosen will fit perfectly. I used earthly colors to complement the black, and I put the bright colors to contrast with the black of the couch. I had to go out to buy black patterned pillows to use on my remaining sofa.

When the delivery men finally came with my new furniture, I was able to relax, finally my much awaited leather furniture had arrived. In a few minutes, my new furniture was in the place I wanted it to be. I made sure that everything was perfect and waited to use my new furniture in the evening for watching my favorite movies. When I finally settled down in my leather couch, I found out that it was chilly, I did not know this! I thought it is because of the winter and that after the winter, everything will be ok. However when finally the winter came to an end, with the warm season my leather couch became humid and sticky. It wasn’t funny to have to use blankets on my leather furniture before sitting on it. I wasn’t really very impressed by the furniture, not as much as I had thought at first; I also have to keep myself from falling down because the leather furniture tends to slide.

I have decided that the first opportunity I will get, I will surely get rid of my leather furniture. I don’t see myself using it for a long time. However, I do continue to ask myself if people who keep leather furniture for ‘status’ actually sit on it! Maybe they just keep them for display alone.


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