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Furniture investment may be the third largest investment after a home and car. This being said, it is common for people not to hesitate when it comes to caring for the house and car, so why can’t the same be done for your furniture? There may be nothing else that gets used more than your furniture. Think about it, how many times do you spend sitting on it, serving on it or even sleeping in it? Not to mention the number of parties and family get-togethers you hold. There are ways you can make your furniture last much longer by following the tips given below.

The first tip isn’t much of a tip as it is mandatory. You should always keep your furniture clean. Dirt may seem harmless but it is actually one of the biggest reasons why furniture doesn’t last long. If your furniture is made of fabric then you can you can easily vacuum clean. If your furniture is made of leather then you can use a good leather detergent and use it to swipe the furniture with and if its wooden then you can have it polished on a regular basis.

If you are thinking the above options are not for you because your furniture is old then there are still other options for you. If your furniture is made of wood, then you have even more options. You could sand it down if it has minor scratches. You could also repaint it and if you choose to, you could change the whole look of the furniture. Apart from sanding, it you could also paint over it. If you are the creative types, you could opt to create a theme on your furniture by painting a certain color that you like.

A small trick that may be advantageous for you to know is that all you have to do to fill in small cracks is to use a crayon of the same color as the furniture and fill it in. if you don’t have crayons nearby then you could use shoe polish instead. If your furniture has been upholstered, all you have to do is have them re-upholstered again. This is another reason why you should buy good quality furniture. If you are planning on re-upholstering your furniture, it wouldn’t be reasonable to spend so much money on old pieces of furniture when you can go ahead and buy a new set for the same amount!


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