Adirondack Furniture

When it comes to your garden or patio, there is only one kind of furniture that will give the best in terms of comfort and style and that is Adirondack furniture chairs. These chairs are well known because of their big arms and their inclined backs. Such a position gives the user maximum comfort.

The Adirondack furniture chairs offer a variety of chairs and one of them is the plastic chair. The major feature that makes these plastic Adirondack furniture chairs stand out is the fact that their chairs are made out of milk jugs and resin which has been reprocessed. This is one environment conservation technique. Aside from that, these plastic chairs are also made in beautiful designs. The maximum these chairs weigh is 40 pounds and though they are plastic, they are still durable and long lasting. Such is the beauty of these plastic chairs that many people often confuse them with the wooden Adirondack furniture chairs.

Another chair in the Adirondack furniture family is the painted chair. Brown and green were the only colors available for chairs at one time. Nowadays, there is a variety of colors to choose from giving you a wider choice. The colors allow you to choose ones that you like and that suit your personality. The colors are so many that you are even able to choose a color scheme and have the chairs in different hues of the same color!

It should be known that not all Adirondack furniture chairs can be painted though. Generally, yellow pine, cypress and alder are the types of wood used to make the Adirondack furniture chairs. Chairs made from teak will not react well to a paint job and hence are not usually painted. The reason for this is because teak has natural oils found within it making the adhesive in the paint much harder to stick.

One of the main advantages with Adirondack furniture chairs is that they can be left outside even during the cold season. This is because they are made of durable material and can therefore withstand harsh weather elements. This is a plus considering other chairs from other companies need to be kept indoors during the winter season. It is important to note that not all chairs from Adirondack will be ‘all weather’ types. There are some that are cheaper versions and so you need to be much more careful when buying them.

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