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Furniture can be described as any household item that is movable. Furniture is not restricted as it can be made out of most materials available like wood, plastic, metal and even marble. It doesn’t matter the design of the item, be it a dressing table, a bed or a chair, all of them fall under the category of furniture. Furniture can be said to be decorative but it does serve a purpose. This means that it is an item of luxury and need, all in one. It would be interesting to know that things like beds, chairs and tables are not the only furniture around. Carpets and mirrors are also considered furniture.

Furniture is not stagnant and has been changing over time though most of it still remains basic. The factors that are considered in order for furniture to be looked at as dynamic are stuff like painting, inlaying, and woodcarving, veneering and gliding. Most of the furniture found in the West has been derived from cultures like Egyptian, Chinese, Greek and Gothic.

It would be logical to think that furniture came about from human needs. The chest may have been the first piece of furniture to have been made because of the need to hide one’s belongings. Next to come may have been a bed to sleep on then a chair and a table and henceforth.

The old traditional type of furniture had engraved markings in ebony. The Egyptian style oozed of class, the woodwork, body and ornaments were exquisite. What set this kind of furniture apart were the intricate carvings of animals into the wood which were filled with gold and ivory. The Greek furniture was known for being low. During the imperial era, furniture was known for its ornamentation.

The modern or contemporary style of furniture is basically known for being multipurpose in nature. This causes it to look different and in real sense it is not too costly. An example of such furniture is the office/bed type of furniture. This furniture is multipurpose because it can be used as a bed and it also has a shelf at the bottom. It can also be converted into a desk that you can write on. It even has side tables and a chair that can be added to it.

Such furniture beds are very popular in Europe as they save on space and are also safe on the pocket.

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