Teak Patio Furniture

With teak patio furniture you can always relax and enjoy lemonade or a cup of coffee in the outdoors without taking the trouble to keep moving your furniture inside. Come summers and your patio is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon or sunbathe during the day. If your patio is not sheltered, it can be very tiring to remove your furniture each evening since it can be affected by the harsh weather. Teak patio furniture is your best option since it is designed to survive any harsh weather because it is tough, enduring and stronger than other materials used for manufacturing furniture.

Teak patio furniture is the best choice because it is not only durable but its natural oils makes sure that it is impermeable to snow, moisture, heat or rain. The most important thing about teak patio furniture is that it offers a good look which is the basic factor for any patio furniture. Teak wood instead of loosing its sheen or its splendor with each passing year, it becomes better and turns into a brownish golden color, which compliments every surrounding environment. As the years continue to pass, it turns into an ash gray color which gives it a more dignified and refined look.

With a regular wash using water and soap, even if it is once in a year, teak patio furniture will continue to look new forever. If you want teak to retain its original color, you should sand it and brush it with teak oil for the desired result. Teak may crack as it grows old, use of teak oil will moisturizes it, making sure that even existing cracks don’t go further. Teak wood furniture is termite resistant and should not cause any concern in this regard ever making it the best option for your patio.

However teak patio furniture should be kept away from wine and juice spills because they may make a stain on them. If you accidentally spill wine or juice on the wood, make sure to clean it immediately. Use sand to clean it gently and use soap solution and water to remove the sand. If the cleaned part becomes discolored, use teak oil to fix this problem.

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