How to Fix Your Furniture

Changing your furniture is an expensive task to accomplish, but what if you are told that you could make your old furniture look fresh and new by spending less than you thought? Here are some suggestions that can help anyone do some makeovers around the house.

Painting with grace

Nowadays, all the items and furniture in the house could be repainted. Using a specially designed product, everyone can paint the surfaces that are not porous like fiberglass or plastic. After that add a layer of enamel for interior and your home will get an instant new look.

Going Undercover

It is easy to create and sew your own slipcovers for furniture. All you need to do is buy the fabric that is most appealing to you, but don’t forget to make some measurements to be sure you will cover all you want to cover. The fabrics can be of different models, colors and patterns. Imagine you have an old chair still in a good condition but it is not looking its best. The slipcovers will hide all the imperfections and if you add some ribbons of the same material to tighten the material on the chair, it will really look fantastic. Adding a few cushions in different shades of the same color as the slipcover of the chair will give a sophisticated look. All you need is some creativity!

Furniture with personality

Usually, the furniture that needs to be changed is in nice condition or shape but is dull. Some places inside the furniture can be painted in light colors such as the bookshelves to obtain an interesting look. Add some toys made of wood, porcelain dolls, silverware or small sepia picture of you and your family to a drawer and it will surely change the room.

Want some tile?

In every flooring shop, you can find free tiles that are broken. Adding them to the furniture in various patterns and shapes is a nice idea but be careful to not over do it.

The final step is to add to the furniture some objects that characterizes your family. Make a collage of pictures of your family in different hypo stasis and put it in a frame on the wall.

There are so many ideas to fix your old furniture and some could be found on the internet. The best thing is that you won’t have to pay a fortune to get a new look for your home!

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