Social Marketing For Your SW Washington Businessexact "desired" Keyword Phrase-Additional Keywords Here.

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Before submitting, come back and check for errors. When an article is copied from a .Doc additional characters may appear. (To minimize this, save your .Doc as .txt only and copy from You can almost hear the movie guy voice, “In a world where local business is done the way its always been done.”

Oh, you’ve seen that one!

Business opens a brick and mortar store or office. One location in the community where people could do business with us or where we could do our business from. You find a high traffic location, or at least an easy to find location, and then ‘put up a sign.’ In fact, we’d put up signs (aka ads) in yellow page books, newspapers, radio, tv, and … hey! there’s traffic on the internet, so … you guessed it … put up a sign!

Suddenly … a paradigm shift … in how we live, work, play …

The way we use the internet, because of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others; now dramatically different. How we connect, communicate and relate with one another, changed. It’s permeates every facet of our lives now. That change accelerated by our mobile devices (yeah, what we used to call cell phones). Now are smart phones integrated with abilities to do everything we used to do at our workstations or on laptops, plus we text message, send photos and videos, and wow! we still use it as a phone! Doesn’t “beam us up!”, but wait for it … nope, not yet.

Can any of us afford to continue doing business as usual? Relying on people to find us “where we are”, “when we are there”, “where it’s convenient for us?”

So, here they are 3 Simple Ways for your Local Business to Thrive!

1. BE PRESENT in the online community, everywhere, now. Create your online presence where people are living, working, playing … in social media … on mobile devices! Be there.

2. CONNECT especially with those who may be interested in your products or services, who want to meet you, but at ‘their’ convenience, engage you on ‘their’ terms, and cultivate a relationship that builds trust, value, and confidence in you … long before, even regardless if they’re a customer or client, or if you’re a non-profit organization a volunteer or donor!

3. FOLLOW-UP automatically. Nothing develops relationships better than following up (remember, the first, er, that one time you were called back after leaving a voice message?). It’s what produces loyal customers who become raving fans and produces a business that thrives!

I’ll send you my Free Whitepaper that goes into detail how businesses are leveraging new internet marketing platforms like Video, Social Media, and Mobile to acquire customers and build a supportive community of raving fans! And you can, too!

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