A Novice's Guide to Starting Online Writing

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1. Know what your getting yourself into:

  1. Online writing is not some get rich quick scheme, or something that blooms overnight. It is something to get accustom because your a first time writer. 

  2. There are all different types of tools/websites out there to help you create a atmosphere or writing environmental to call your own (like this one for example) choose wisely, know the pros and cons, from others who have already jumped into the world before you decide to go head first.

  3. Once you find something that you can call your own, settle there, learn and use all the tools it has to offer before branching out to a million different websites, in order to not strech yourself thin. 

2. To Niche or Not to Niche?

  1. Some people find something they are interested in and keep to that same topic, or secondary topics (aka a niche).

  2. Sometimes this can be very helpful in the ways of money and just plain focus, but sometimes if there isn’t much of new material for the topic(s) you’ve chosen, you could be stuck with nothing new to write about.

  3. It depends on what kind of writer you are but, sometimes not having a niche might be a better thing, because if your talking about multiple topics, there might be new things for some of those topics that haven’t been talked about (i.e video games)

3. Show me the money!?

  1. When getting into writing, if your automatically thinking about money, then freelance writing (importance on the word free) isn’t going to be your thing. Just like everything else in like, to make money you have to invest something, in this case its going to be time and patience.

  2. Getting your name and content I’ve found is the number one easiest way to go. Showing your creations to your friends and family are the best first steps to take, along with carefully chosen keywords within your articles for users to search for your work. (Look Below) 

  3. If these steps are taken, people will begin to notice your work, comment and then you can change or alter your writing in that order, to improve it’s quaility then work on quanity.

P.S I hope this has been helpful for you and if any of you out in that big ole internet universe have any questions or comments, please email or comment me. 


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