Is Your Office Furniture Ergonomic?

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There are millions of people in the world whose jobs require them to work in front of the computer, but not all of them have a healthy position while working because of the office furniture not being ergonomically correct.

The ergonomic office furniture is designed following some principles according to which it is of perfect use for the human body because it will prevent the body from suffering any type of discomforts due to the continuous usage of the furniture.

The four factors that affect the human position and which should be considered when arranging the office for the ergonomic office furniture include the lighting, the location of the mouse and keyboard, the computer monitor’s angle and the chair.

Taking in consideration that you will have to look at the monitor for several hours, it is very important to know how and where to place the computer on your office furniture. The ideal distance that should be between the monitor and the user has to be fifty centimeters or more. The position of the head is recommended to create a perpendicular angle with the floor.

The Lighting is really important and is necessary to balance the amount of light in the office so it won’t affect the eyesight. The light should also have a warm color and be placed in a right position.

The mouse and the keyboard must be placed at the same alignment with the monitor and the wrist must remain straight as you use them. Even if the keyboard is equipped with supports it is recommended to avoid using them.

The essential element of ergonomic office furniture is the chair. The ergonomic chair must offer support for your neck, shoulders, back and arms. The adjustability of the chair is important since the feet must rest flat on the floor and the seat must be large enough to provide freedom of movement. The chair for your office furniture should preferably be able to support your neck and shoulders. The shape of the chair should follow the shape of your back. This will prevent any back pain and discomfort that gradually results in spine problems.

Remembering these tips when arranging your office furniture will help you to be more productive, relaxed and avoid any discomfort. After all, the hard work you put in to earn your livelihood should not be all spent in doctor visits!


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