Tips For Choosing a Curio Cabinet

Any collector of rare objects knows how important it is to have a place where to expose all the treasures and what better place than a curio cabinet?

In general, the curio cabinets are used to show off odd or rare objects like African masks, crystals, rocks, miniature cars or dolls.

Other purposes in which the curio cabinets might be useful are to expose your family’s diplomas or trophies, to show off some personal treasures transmitted from generation to generation like an old pocket watch or a beautiful silver mirror and more. Here are a few suggestions on how to choose just the perfect curio cabinets you need to add class to your living room.

First, you must clearly decide what kind of objects will be placed in the cabinet. For instance, if your treasure is an old guitar, then the curio cabinet must be able to support it or to be adaptable. In this case curio cabinets with removable shelves are perfect.

Secondly and in no way less important is the lighting. Depending on the position which the curio cabinet occupies in the house, it will receive more or less natural light. The illuminated curio cabinet can resolve this problem when there isn’t enough adequate natural light.

The third factor is the space available for the cabinet. There are various sizes and styles of curios cabinets such as the large traditional cabinets made of cherry wood; smaller contemporary curio cabinets or the golden oak curio cabinets that will fit in a lower room.

The design of the cabinet can follow the traditional design or a more contemporary style with cleaner lines and mirrors.

The price and quality of these amazing pieces depend mostly on the kind of wood that they are made of. The best wood for curio cabinets is oak or maple.

The last factor to consider when shopping for your curio cabinet is the budget you intend to allocate for purchasing one. If having a curio cabinet inspired by Louis XV in your living room sounds appealing to you then you should be ready to pay around $1800. If you are interested more in the content than in the packaging then a simple curio cabinet costing $50 should be perfect for you and for your collection.

In conclusion, if you remember these simple suggestions when you intend to buy curio cabinets, you will find exactly what you need.

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