How To Move Into An Office Space Without Carrying Office Furniture

If you want to relocate into a new office, you can do it without the hassle of carrying your office furniture with you. Thanks to the method discovered by Tom Hansen, now you can move easily from one office to another without carrying any office furniture.

The idea came to Tom Hansen when he needed to move his new business from his home to another leased place. He began his search from classified advertisements under the office for lease section. The office spaces he got in this section were too large for his need and others were expensive. When he found one that met his requirements, he was told to sign a lease of three years before moving in. However, according to his projection he may have had to move from that office in less than a year.

As if this was not enough, he was also astonished with how much he was to pay for office furniture when he went in the office furniture shop. He was surprised that he could not even afford the office furniture in the second hand section. He was discouraged with how much he had to pay for the office, for office machine, office furniture and for the receptionist.

In frustration, he turned to the internet to see if there was anything better. When he searched for office space, the search engine returned the executive suite. By the name alone he thought that it will be something expensive, however he chose to read on. He found out that the executive suite is the name used for flexible office space. The best factor about this office was that there was no need for any long term contracts. It is up to you to rent it for a day or even years according to how long you need it. What made him very happy was the fact that he could move to any executive suite if he outgrew his office in the same building.

The good news above every thing else was that he could enter in the office without any office furniture. The executive suite was the best option for Tom, he could enter into a fully furnished office space with access to all office machines he needed like the copier or fax machine. Another advantage for him was that the rental plan included not just the office furniture but a receptionist to direct his clients too, therefore no need to staff any more. After visiting the rental premises and signing the agreement the following day, a few hours later he was sitting in his own office!

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