A Surprising Cure For Warts Found in Your Backyard

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Common warts are the hard, bumpy warts that usually grow on hands, the tops of feet, fingers, knees and elbows and tend to appear on children more often than adults. These warts are the result of a virus, human pappilloma, which has also been linked to certain cervical cancers. A body can come in to contact with the virus months before a wart develops so it is very difficult to pinpoint the source location of the infection. The virus thrives in cool, moist areas and is likely to enter the body through a scratch or cut on the skin. Warts do not come with any serious health issues but they can be embarrassing and can become irritated or inflamed when located on a part of the body prone to rubbing or scraping.

I have found that over the counter wart treatments can be effective in removing a wart but they are not always effective at killing the virus. This can cause the wart to reappear, or cause new warts to pop up in other locations.  Most over the counter treatments are harsh and can leave scars or discolored patches on the skin as well.  Warts can also be treated medically by prescription treatments, laser treatment, or chemical freezing that takes several applications to become effective.

In my search for an effective cure for common warts that did not include a trip to the doctor, I discovered almost by accident that the milky sap of certain plants will destroy a wart in as little as one application to the skin.  The best plant for the process seems to be a very common little weed, the dandelion.  Simply pick a dandelion while the flower is in bloom, use clean scissors to make a cut through the stem and drip the milky sap on to the surface of the wart.  Once the dandelion milk is applied, cover the wart with a bandage and leave overnight. Check the progress the following day. The wart will be soft and may have begun turning black in appearance. This means the treatment is working. Just replace the bandage and keep covered with fresh bandages until the wart is gone. If the wart has not begun darkening in color, apply more dandelion milk and cover for another day.

This treatment is very effective for common warts and leaves no scars or discoloration. The wart will appear to lift off the skin and fall off. If you are unsure of the type of wart, always consult a physician as this treatment may not be the best for plantar warts or filliform warts and juvenile or flat warts tend to go away without any need for treatment.


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