When Do You Have To Buy New Furniture?

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Before you figure out whether you need new furniture, take a look around your home and answer these questions.

Do any of your chairs or the sofa show wear signs?

If you use leather, you have to see if the cushions have been discolored or if they have become lighter where people sit than other areas. If you use fabric cushions, check if threads have been pulled apart or have been discolored. If your furniture shows any of the above signs, it is time to buy new furniture or consider using covering slips as an alternative option.

Is there any hole in the furniture?

If there are a few holes in your furniture and these can be stitched, stitch them up. However if stitching is not an option, you will have to buy new furniture.

Do the cushions stay sunk after someone rises from the seat?

The first area to check is the springs. If it is a stretched or a broken spring it can be easily fixed, you can even fix it yourself. However if the springs are not the reason, you should begin to think about buying new furniture. You can take the cushion along when you visit the fabric store or upholstery shop if you want to change only the cushions. When you take the cushions with you, it will help the sales person to know the density and firmness of the existing cushions and he be able to replace them easily.

Does the furniture frame have any problem?

If the chair or the sofa drops, check if it is not a crack in the frame. You can assess this by flipping the furniture upside down.

Is the level of your furniture the same in all areas?

Assess if there no missing peg in any leg. If there is no problem with the legs, it is the time to buy new furniture.

You have also to think about buying new furniture when you experience the following problems with your furniture. If you feel that the arms are separated from the rest of the frame or when any wood or frame sticks out when you sit.

If you can afford new furniture and you think that your furniture problem will not be solved with just a slip over; it is time to go out and to look for that, solid, comfortable and new furniture.


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