The Feng Shui Way of Furnishing And Decorating Your Home

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Feng Shui is the art of decorating and furnishing your home in order to achieve balance and prosperity in your life. This technique describes the placing of furniture objects in certain areas of the house to help unleashing good energy.

There are several Feng Shui rules that specify the right position of various objects or furniture. The first rule is to keep the circulation areas and doorways unblocked by any objects. The main furniture such as the bed or the desks must be placed in a specific zone called “command position”. A majority of people already acknowledge this basic rule.

Placing the chair and the desk in the space facing the door zone can increase the productivity or help you in achieving the goals in your career. When using the Feng Shui principles, remember that your office chair must never back into a door or window. Respecting the command position will bring you improvements and success.

Placing the bed is another important Feng Shui aspect. The bed must not be placed in such a way that your feet points to the door or your head is facing toward the window or else you will lose important personal energy and your sleep will be unpleasant.

Feng Shui can also be applied in the kitchen. The kitchen involves more pieces of furniture than other rooms and moving them around could be difficult. If you have in mind a redecoration of the kitchen, the following suggestions are really useful. The stove must be placed in such a position that the person who is using it can see the door. A Feng Shui tip is to mount a mirror behind the stove. Putting the stove, which is a Fire element, away from the sink, that is a Water element, can only increase happiness and health of your family.

Everyone feels less relaxed and comfortable in large areas because the flow of the energy disperses into the room. In this case, you could create smaller entertainment areas by placing dividers. Since the dining room has two entries, the energy doesn’t flow well. This problem can be resolved with Feng Shui if every seat is facing a wall.

Avoid using too many furniture pieces in a small room or else it will give a feeling of suffocation to whoever uses it.

Feng Shui is amazing and if you embrace these techniques; prosperity, health, fortune and happiness will fill your home.


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