What is Eco Furniture?

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Nowadays, the need for protecting the planet is more and more pronounced since the natural resources are getting depleted fast; but the good thing is that science is trying to help by producing eco friendly items such as bio-degradable tableware, eco friendly cars, organic food and eco furniture.

The best favor you could do to nature is to use furniture made with reclaimed materials. Wood can be preserved for a very long time if you take good care of it. Do you remember grandpa’s old watch inherited over generations?

There is plenty of wood in our homes that could be reclaimed. Several designers are using this reclaimed wood in a wonderful way.

The source of the reclaimed wood is any old furniture, house structure or article made of wood. The eco furniture is made of reclaimed wood and is the best example of showing our appreciation to the nature. Some companies reuse wood and create eco furniture from unfinished products that have been rejected.

For instance, the 5-Star Glass Dining Table from AZCAST collection is made of the aluminum used in building aircrafts. All the pieces and techniques involved in the process of creating this eco furniture are helpful to the environment.

Bamboo is also valuable in creating eco furniture because it has a fast growing rate and is versatile. Because bamboo is so flexible, it is used to create furniture, flooring, window blinds or veneers. In China, the most organic type of bamboo is grown but an early harvest can destroy the fertility of the soil.

Another good material for creating eco furniture is plywood which requires less energy to be processed and converted into final products than other materials. There are a few well-known plywood designers that should be mentioned such as Eames, Aalto, Pfeiffer and Danko.

The green furniture is becoming more and more popular among modern families. Eco furniture should be easy to disassemble and recycle after it is no longer used. Any furniture you want to buy must be robust, easy to assemble and certified.

Eco furniture’s off gassing is non toxic and does no harm as compared to the off gassing of furniture made with synthetic materials that can result in cancer and birth defects.

If you are a friend of nature, you can find many ways of helping the process of restoring the natural balance of our planet and one of them is purchasing eco furniture.


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