Tips For Buying Solid Wood Furniture

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Solid wood furniture is an excellent acquisition, but it is essential to keep in mind some aspects that can help you choose this kind of furniture wisely.

Are you looking for a unique or particular style? Do you intend to keep the furniture pieces for a very long time? Should you buy furniture that requires a more specific and regular maintenance? Will your furniture be in trend over the next ten or twenty years? Will your furniture seem plain and boring over time? These are just some of the many questions you must ask yourself before you bring home the solid wood furniture of your choice.

Solid wood furniture is made of hard woods like cherry, mahogany or maple. This type of wood is popular thanks to its durability and strength, but it is quite difficult to create detailed shapes and designs on its surface. You should check if the solid wood furniture is entirely made of solid wood. In variable conditions of humidity and temperature, the solid wood furniture modifies its size, expanding and contracting.

After being slowly dried, the wood suffers cuts and then is shaped into measured pieces which will form the structure of the furniture.

The soft wood can be easily carved and shaped, but is not as resistant as the solid wood. The soft wood is a derivation of cedar or pine wood.

Contrary to most opinions, plywood can be used to build furniture even if it is not a solid wood. For example, plywood is really useful in the process of designing doors and tables. These products need stability and wood that won’t split or warp.

The finish of the pieces determines the way the solid wood furniture will look in the end and it is important to obtain a look without imperfections. Lacquering is the top coat of the furniture and provides beauty, waterproofing and durability.

Printing is cheaper than the veneering process and this is the reason why it is mostly used. The biggest flaw of this technique is that if the engraving or printing is exposed to solvents or water, it will come off.

Not only the materials are important, but also the joints. The doors and drawers of the solid wood furniture must easily be opened and closed. In conclusion, you have all the needed details for differentiating good solid wood furniture from a mediocre one and make the right decision.


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