The Best Teak Furniture For Your Home

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If you have bought teak wood furniture for your outdoors then you must know you did the right thing. Here we will discuss why furniture made of teak is so good.

According to history, the Chinese were building their ships from teak wood because it is durable and tenacious. The ship manufacturers of that time used to bury the wood log in humid soil to make it stronger. Meanwhile, the British ships were made of Oak wood, a strong wood but fragile to woodworms.

Soon after Britain learned about the qualities of the teak wood, it rapidly annexed Burma, Thailand and India into the empire of Britain. Since then, this wood has been used in manufacturing Ocean Liners, furniture, Yachts and ships. Because the teak wood has a slow growing rate, the British have initiated a plan of re-forestation. These days, there are severe laws that establish who has the right to cut the trees and export them.

Teak wood is widely used to fabric furniture, fence and huts. Today, India occupies the third position as an importer of teak wood. The houses made of this kind of wood are able to resist the monsoons, humidity as well as heat.

This wood can withstand infestation by insects or the woodworms thanks to its natural oil, wood rot and Silica. Sometimes the manufacturers find it hard to process teak wood furniture because of its strength.

It is hard to get teak wood and it is more commonly purchased through a process of auction. There are many government laws that monitor its import and export. The biggest exporter of teak wood is Indonesia. Here in Java, many companies process this wood and design furniture, siding or flooring that are meant to be exported to stores and retailers all around the globe.

The period necessary for a teak wood tree to mature is around fifty years, but some countries use them after forty or even twenty five years. It is used to design patio furniture, ships, verandas furniture, garden furniture, yachts, indoor furniture, huts and even houses.

After purchasing furniture or any other objects made of teak wood, you will surprisingly observe that it brings only benefits because of its durability, UV-resistance, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance. Several people invest in teak furniture and there are some beautifully crafted pieces that can even become a family heirloom!


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