What You Should Know About Lemon Oil

One of the greatest substances used for maintaining the natural beauty of your furniture and its finish is lemon oil. Thanks to its composition, the lemon oil protects and nourishes the luster of your furniture. You will adore the excellent shine left on your furniture by this oil.

The wood finishes will not risk drying out if you clean the furniture with this oil because it moisturizes the worn finishes and old surfaces made of wood. Once a year, it is recommended to polish the furniture with lemon oil that doesn’t include silicones, harmful solvents or waxes. Some lemon oil products provide sunscreen features for the furniture for your garden.

When cleaning the pieces, use a non-abrasive, soft cloth on which you put a small quantity of oil. Lemon oil can be also used on other materials than wood such as fiberglass, glass, plastic-laminated surfaces or painted wood. Before using the specific cleaning product for a certain material, spray some lemon oil on it and you will see cleaner surfaces sooner than usually.

The shower doors and stalls must be well rinsed after using oil on them and be careful not to use it on the floor of the shower cabin.

The lemon oil is also good for cleaning office furniture, especially leather chairs. Using a treated cloth, wipe the top and arms of the chair and it will gain a beautiful protective shine and will also prevent the leather from splitting.

The oil can easily clean brass or silver knickknacks, the face of the microwaves or stainless steel items and even the surfaces made of marble.

With a small amount of oil, you could clean the marks of scuff from the floors. However, to be sure, you should always test the substance on an area that is more inconspicuous before cleaning the whole piece.

The covers of old books can be quickly cleaned and any remaining label or stickers can be removed with no effort.

There is no end to the beneficial uses of lemon oil in your home not just limited to the furniture pieces. The most important rule you should follow when using lemon oil is to use it in small quantities because it tends to darken the color of the objects or create slippery surfaces.

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