Website Allow You to Submit Site Free…for Now

Websites Would Still Allow Your Content’s Link

I have been looking for many different way to increase any traffic to market my articles, one of the way I feel would attract lots of reader by posting links on the otherwebsite so people can view your content if they are interested in what you say.  However, it may not be that successful for most of the writer, including myself, because most of the websites are link posting prohibited and you will be considered as spamming to them.  After several and several success and failure, I have found some website still allow link posting and you not be banned for now.

FaceBook and Twitter

As most of the writer know that we could promote our articles with social network.  Facebook and Twitter are the most popular place to promote to our friends.  That will not be spamming because your friends will not report you hopefully.  But you need to be extremely be careful for getting traffic from your friend because your adsense may be banned if your friend helps you out by clicking google’s ads.

Non US Yahoo Answer Forum

If you are trying to answer questions on US’s Yahoo Answer, your account will be suspended in a hour because some “Nice” people will report you’re spamming.  That was what happened to me 3 months ago when I was trying to answer people’s question about how to make more money online and I posted my link for sources reference, then my account was suspended and Yahoo did not recover my account even though I insisted that I was just offering a link but have no mean to spam. 

However, most of the foreign Yahoo website would still allow you to use your link for reference because people from the foreign country seems less concern about you are using your link as a reference.  So this would be your way to attract reader if your content is meaningful and educational to them.

StumbleUpon and Delicious

StumbleUpon and Delicious these bookmarking website allows you to post your link for people to review and attracts traffic.  However I just do not know where are those traffic came from so submitting links to those sites would not be my primary choice but still help you to get more traffic.


Bukisa work as Triond before but they have changed since December 2010, but it is still a good place to submit your articles and links. 

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