Powerful Techniques of Getting Links Back

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It’s never end about get link back to our site, so let me show you how to compile of getting links back. Surely it can be a simple and easy ways to compile your SEO campaign. I can assure you that it could a white hat SEO campaign. 

As a simple explanation why link building can be so important on your SEO campaign? Surely it is about your popularity, if you have many links back on your site surely you are the popular one. Then it will bring you to great traffic of visitors each day on your website.

1. Submit to Web Directories
You can find lot of web directories out there that will allow you to submit your site. Just check for free inclusion like DMOZ.

2. Get The Forum
 By joining many forums you can increase your links back toward your signature file, surely by put our website’s URL like {See my another page on Dwell Articles News Gadget Lounge Updated }. Just find forums in your niche and join the discussions, remember do not spam the forum with your URL or you get banned.

3. Blog Comment
It almost the same with posting on the forum, you should make good quality post and it should related to our website’s theme. Dont make any spams here..

4. Article Marketing
Just make great article then submit them to article directories, surely you get permission to put your URL on author’s resource box.

5. Social Bookmarking
It can be a simple way for our visitors to submit our page to any social bookmarking sites.

6. Press Releases
Just like the article marketing, you can put and submit your article as press release here then add your URL on author’s box.

7. Joining or Answer Question
So many site that allow people for asking the questions then the other provide the answer. You can join this site and answer the questions there.

8. Social Networking Site
By adding our URL on profile pages, we can get free link back from that social networking site.

9. Buy links or Paid Links
As the last ways for get links back, we can buy other links and point them to our site.

Now it’s time to get this work done, keep your spirits…. 


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