Jumping The Broom Movie Review

The movie is comedy starring Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine. It is about two African-American families – one wealthy from Martha’s Vineyard, one working class from Brooklyn – join together for a wedding at Martha’s Vineyard where they produce a culture clash. The bride’s family is populated with French speaking divas while the groom’s family is typical middle class African-American.

The groom and the bride have been in a whirlwind romance for just 6 months and are going to be married. Both have not met their future in-laws and they are doing this at their wedding. The grooms family is coming from Brooklyn over to Martha’s Vineyard where the bride’s family which is full of divas have a estate likened to the Kennedy compound. One of the conflicts includes whether the bride and groom are going to jump the broom at their ceremony. Jumping the broom is a tradition practiced by the groom’s family. The bride and mom have other plans but in the end the bride relented to jumping the broom.

On the acting side, the movie is stolen by Loretta Devine as the groom’s cranky matriarch undergoing anger management courses. Angela Bassett as the bride’s mother did a very good acting job. Even the supporting characters did a very good acting job including Julie Bowen who played Amy as the Anglo event wedding planner. There are a dozen-plus major characters but each character maximized each scene. While there is nothing special visually in this movie, the people on-screen more than compensate, the cast completely sold it and the script gave them moments to work with. The flowers in the garden and vase all look so fake.

The movie has a lot in common with Tyler Perry’s movie “Why Did I Get Married” but more relaxed and with fewer melodramatic mood swings. In Perry’s movie a vacation gathering brings a litany of personal and family crises.

Most of the jokes are funny and mostly relating to African-American identity which the audience in the movie house I went to see. Although this movie is formulaic and not particularly inventive, it is still engaging. I laughed a lot and ultimately satisfied.

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