Working With Windows XP Desktop: Tips For Beginners

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Changing Desktop Themes. You can replace your desktop default theme with your desired theme but remember that when you change your desktop themes other desktop elements like desktop icon, stat menu and taskbar will also change. You  can also customize your desktop theme or download themes online. To change your current desktop themes, right click on your desktop, select “Properties”,  your desktop Display Properties window will now appears.  Go to Theme Tab, under “Theme” select the desired themes in the drop down menu. Click Apply to see the selected theme. Click “OK” if you already satisfy on the selected theme.

Icons. You can customize your desktop icon by changing application icons, arrange it alphabetical, size date modifies, hide and show desktop icons. To arrange the desktop icons, right click on your desktop and arrange icons by; you have some options to select from, Name, size, type and Modified. to change your application icons on desktop, right click on desktop, select “Properties”. Navigate to “desktop” tab. Click the Customized desktop command button. Click the existing desktop icons shortcut and click change icons. Select new icons and click “OK”.

Desktop Clean-up. Perform a desktop clean-up to minimize the unnecessary shortcuts and delete the icons that are not in use. To clean your desktop, right click on your desktop, select “Properties”, Navigate to “Desktop Tab”. Click “Customized Desktop” button. On your desktop items windows you can see the “Desktop Cleanup”  Click the “Clean desktop Now” command button

Changing desktop Background. You can change your desktop background or wallpaper by right click on your desktop, Select “Properties”. On the Display Properties window navigate to “Desktop” Tab. Select the background you want and click “Apply”. You can also set custom desktop background from your own pictures or images downloaded online by clicking, “Browse” button. Browse the image and click open. Click Apply and click Ok if you are satisfied in the selected desktop background.

Changing Desktop Display Settings. Change your desktop display resolution by right click on your desktop click on “Properties”. Navigate to “Settings” tab. Under “Screen resolution” adjust to “Less”or “More”. You can see the resolution in pexiles like 1440 by 900 pixels. Click Apply to see the adjusted settings. Click OK to finish.


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