Casey Abrams is The Rare Unpolished Gem

He is a true artist with talented and gut, which makes him so special and unique. Every song he sang, he gave them a brand new meaning and life no matter how popular the song is or how unpopular it is, he turned them around like never being sang by anyone. I actually fancy the rendition of Have you ever seen the rain, Nature boy, Your song than the original version. There is something unique, magnetic in his voice, which when he sings, he channels his uniqueness to audiences.

When he sang Nature Boy, I was feeling completely relax and return to the basic where no thought comes. Listening to Casey Abrams actually feeling like a journey from chaotic real world to the serene nature. His interpretation of songs has been mesmerizing. Meditating while listening to Casey Abrams sing is actually becomes a part of routine. I named it a soul journey to the basic. This might be sounded exaggerated or unreal, but he is unreal.

When your eardrums are protesting against loud and getting restless rock songs, Casey Abrams’s soothing and somehow funky way of interpreting a song comes to rescue. Eardrums relax again, the feeling of restless vanished and they are all return to the peaceful and ease.

 Casey Abrams is my favourite Idol. The real unpolished gem is rare to encounter. But this year, he makes it. He has been found. He challenged our tastes of music, redefine classic songs and open a treasure trove of never ending surprises. His musical talents allow him to bring out the soul in his interpretation of songs. His performance with a viola and a guitarist by side, with his voice only, told the audiences’ that basic element is essential, good stuff is timeless, a nature artist singing nature boy which makes him huge. It is absolutely soothing. You are expecting more of the unexpected elements in Casey Abrams.

In ten years, Idol has produced a pop superstar and country superstar, not to mention other talented artist, maybe it is time to have someone who has all packages from pop, country, rock to jazz shines. Indeed, Casey Abrams is perhaps, one of the unusual talents who have it all.

Thanks you Casey Abrams for opening a door to jazz on the stage.

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