How to Apply The Lemon Law When The Car You Purchased is a Lemon

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There is obviously more to it than that alone, but surprisingly many think the lemon law applies for minor problems or a change of heart about making the purchase to begin with. But, if you are the lucky recipient (pun intended) of a lemon here are the basic steps to take when applying the lemon law.

First, you will want to ascertain if your vehicle in the first twelve to twenty-four months has had repairs for the same problem three or more times or the dealership has kept your vehicle for repairs for longer than thirty days.

Second, you will need to acquire the specific lemon law guidelines for your state. There is variance in the lemon law from state to state. Be sure you get the guidelines from a reliable source and make sure they are up-to-date.

Third, send by certified mail a written notice (keep a copy for your records) of the problem(s) to the dealership. This letter is to be sent if the dealership has failed to satisfactorily remedy the problem within a reasonable amount of attempts. Include in this letter that this is the final opportunity to fix the problem. You may want to send it “certified” and also be sure to keep a copy of all correspondence.

Fourth, confirm the problem(s) you are having with your vehicle by securing documentation from a second or third professional opinion. This is just in case your car dealership tries to explain away the problem as being normal or expected. It is possible that you will have to pay a nominal fee to get additional professional opinions.

Fifth, collect copies of all documents pertaining to the attempted repairs for your vehicle. Always ask for and get a copy of the repair order detailing the repair work. If you end up having to pursue legal action to get satisfaction, documentation is a must.

Finally, follow through if the problem is not resolved satisfactorily. You may need to seek legal counsel and or contact the attorney general for your state.

Tip – Make sure you deal with a reputable automobile dealership when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. You may also want to see if there have been any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau


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