Perpetual Motion Energy-Make One To Produce Free Energy And Unlimited

People tend to misunderstand this concept of perpetual motion energy. There is a difference when you say that this is continuously available energy and something that is available for eternity. No one has ever built such a machine that will last a life time. By perpetual motion energy we mean that energy does not get wasted at all, but on the contrary it is converted from one form to another thereby making sure that you have all your energy needs being met.

The energy world is witnessing a rapid growth and development in the field of this perpetual motion energy and at present there are devices that are built that can provide large amounts of energy which even a complete house hold will not use. The key idea behind this is the use of magnetic force field and a generator which converts this magnetic force field into usable energy. This is now seen implemented for domestic purposes like homes but very soon, we will be able to witness this taking control of the industry arena too.

When you are using perpetual motion energy to meet all your energy needs you are actually doing good to our planet as these devices that work in converting this energy source does not pollute the environment in any way. The fuel that is the main source of energy production now will find its rest because the earth takes billions of years to get these fuels produced and we use them in seconds. Thus we are saving precious resources too.

In using these perpetual motion energy driven devices at your homes you are only creating benefits to yourself as you no longer have to pay the huge electricity bills that accumulate at the end of every month. You need to start making the change as this is what is most important.

Let us take a look at the steps involved in building perpetual motion machines here.

1. First of all you will need to create a wheel which is capable of spinning on a tilting axis. Magnets then need to be fixed around the circumference of the wheel. 
2. You then need to similarly build another wheel with magnets on its circumference. 
3. You will need to keep the wheels in such a manner that the same polarities of the magnets face each other. 
4. This will create a perpetual motion of the wheels, which can be in turn used for generating electricity.

Just in case you feel that you need a bit of help building one, you can always refer a manual on the topic.The principle involved in the working of perpetual motion machines is quite simple to understand, as you can see from above. The repulsive force that is generated due to same polarities of magnets facing each other produces a force which is then converted into energy.

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